Force India’s bright hope with its new SUV

Force suv

Force Motors India’s bright hope with its new SUV. Force Motors (previously known as Bajaj Tempo) had many successful products but unfortunately due to fierce competition they could not continue their winning streak for long time. Now Force Motors seriously wants to revive their image by launching a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment product. Though there is not much information available at this moment, this new SUV is expected to aim upper mid segment.

Force Motors is expected to attach a price tag of 10-15lacs to this new SUV, by doing that Force Motors may create a new market segment. Currently there are not much products available except top end variants of Tata Safari and Mahindra Scorpio. The new SUV is developed from the scratch by this Pune based firm, will be powered by a Daimler engineered engine. This new SUV is expected to accommodate 5 to 7 people.

“A substantial part of the vehicle has been developed in-house using indigenous expertise. Force Motors is sourcing many non critical components from Chinese and Taiwanese suppliers so that maximum pricing advantage can be availed. These components include interiors and plastics. This top secret SUV will be manufactured in company’s Pithambur factory. A promising move from Force Motors after a long time, but we have some serious doubt, are their dealership network is good enough to handle a premium product like this? Do let us know your opinion. By the way don’t forget to subscribe our regular feeds.