Ferrari targets Indian market

India is a very fast growing car market. In Asia, India has a very large number of millionaires. It’s obvious that Indian upper class has got a lot of cash at hand to spend on luxurious super cars.

For some time now, Ferrari has been present in out neighboring country China. This summer Ferrari has decided to enter India and should officially launch a range of their models this year. Ferrari is partnering with the Shreyans Group which deals in high-end luxury goods, to establish its dealership network in India and should begin operation in April, according to AutoCar India.


It was in news for some time last year that this Italian car-making company will be partnering with Tata Motors. But it is being said that this affiliation wouldn’t have given Ferrari the exclusive status that it needs when entering a new market. Shreyans already has experience in selling super luxury brands as it is the sole importer for Porsche in India and until recently, sold and serviced Audis in Mumbai.

Ferrari has timed its entrance well, as this year marks the debut of the Indian Grand Prix and the company’s new product, the upcoming four-wheel drive FF, will be unveiled in March. The Italian carmaker will also find a significant number of buyers in India for its 458 Italia, which should see double digit sales this year.

Ferrari will set up shop in Delhi at first and then in Mumbai, with the brand’s merchandise also expected to become available.