Electric Vehicles to be Tax Free in Maharashtra

The world is concerned about the increasing air pollution and automobiles are one of the biggest factors impact the climate change. Considering the awareness among the buyers car manufacturer in India and around the globe started looking for alternate fuels including electric powered cars. Today the concept is turned into reality and many car manufacturers have launched either an electric version or a totally new product powered by batteries.


The buyers are inclined towards buying electric cars but the factor that bothers most is the initial cost. To reduce the burden and increase the popularity of electric cars Maharashtra State Govt. may waive off all the taxes, including VAT, Registration Charges and Road Tax from the price tag of electric vehicles.

Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal announced this during the inaugural function of  bio-CNG plant at the Mahindra World City in Chennai. He said, “We will ask BJP-ruled states to waive the tax for electric cars but the other states will need to bring up the proposals themselves”, he further added that his ministry was working on providing feature in which gasoline stations also have charging points for electric vehicles.

Answering to queries he said, “We are working with all stakeholders to see how to reduce the cost, while setting up all lakhs of charging stations. He also added that “It could be a public-private partnership”.  Talking about the rural electrification program, Goyal said, ” For the first time in the country, December 29 had “zero shortage of power” and everybody who wanted electricity had 100 per cent “availability”. He further added “For the first time in the history of India, 100 per cent power was met and you had grid connectivity for all at one price which was as low as Rs 2.31. This is for the first time in the history of India”.

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Source: Times of India