Regal Raptor debuts in India, Launches three new motorcycles

India is turning out to be a lucrative market for manufacturers from all corners of the world. The Indian motorcycle market is growing at a rapid rate and now, there is more demand than ever before for premium motorcycles in the country. Motorcycle manufacturers from around the globe have felt the need to set up shop in India in order for them to grow. One such example is Regal Raptor.

Regal Raptor is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer of whom not many might have heard about, but they have quite a reputation in the motorcycle industry. Regal Raptor has been manufacturing motorcycles for the past 25 years and has been taking the competition to biggies like Harley Davidson in their home market. Now, Regal Raptor has chalked out plans to expand and India, as it turns out, has a huge role to play in this expansion process.

Regal Raptor recently made their debut in India and has launched three of their motorcycles in the Indian market for a start. These three motorcycles open up all new sub-segments within the cruiser motorcycle segment, more on that later. Regal Raptor has opened its first Indian dealership in Hyderabad and will be selling all three newly launched motorcycles from the showroom located in the posh locality of Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Regal Raptor has launched three cruiser motorcycles in India –

1.  Regal Raptor Daytona 350:


The Daytona 350 is a conventional modern style cruiser motorcycle which I personally feel, resembles one American Motorcycle in particular! But this has a lower engine capacity and is a lot cheaper as well. Chrome is found in abundance on this motorcycle and is the heaviest of the three motorcycles launched in India.

2.  Regal Raptor Bobber 350:


This, as the name suggests, is designed to look like a typical Bobber motorcycle. This is an Uber-cool motorcycle for those who want to look like a true-blue American Biker. The Bobber is available only in Matte paint finishes and is a single seater only. Riding on a really fat rear tire and a thin front tire, the Bobber 350 definitely looks the part, one might feel like the Bobber 350 belongs at an Automobile design show instead of the streets, and speaking of that, it does ride really low and will surely scrape its bottom on our gigantic Indian speed bumps.

3.  Regal Raptor Cruiser 350:


This is one motorcycle which will give the custom chopper works shops in India a run for their money. Looking like a proper American chopper, this motorcycle feels like the ones usually seen on TV, in custom motorcycle shows. Every part on this motorcycle looks like it has been custom made, with a generous dosage of chrome.

All three models will share the same drive-train. The motorcycles will be powered by a water cooled, 320cc, single-cylinder motor with a maximum power output of 22.79 BHP and a maximum torque output of 22 NM. This is not a high revving engine, but definitely can make the motorcycles go quick. The 0-60 KMPH sprint is done with, in about 3.5 seconds and the motorcycles can comfortably cruise at around a 100 KMPH all day long, with top speed being claimed at 130 KMPH.

All three motorcycles ride on wide rear tires and thinner front tires with braking duties being handled by a 300mm disc at the front and a 240mm disc at the rear.

Indian motorcyclists, especially the ones who love cruiser motorcycles like these are should consider themselves really lucky to have Regal Raptor selling their motorcycles on our shores. Generally, motorcycles like these are custom made and do not have any warranty or parts support, but here is a manufacturer who will be producing these bikes using parts made for series production.

Regal Motors presently sells their motorcycles in 39 countries and has now made India its 40th. Their Indian sales operations are handled by a Hyderabad based company named Fabulous and Beyond and the motorcycles will be offered under the brand, ’Fab Regal Raptor’. But Regal Raptor is a lot more interested in the Indian market than just sales. Regal Raptor is betting big time on the Indian market and has plans to invest Rs. 1000 crores in a production facility which will be set up in Telangana. This production facility will cater to other markets like Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Yemen.

The Regal Raptor range in India starts at a price of Rs. 2.96 lakhs(ex-showroom, Hyderabad).

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