Benelli 5 models estimated Prices and Pictures unveiled, bookings open

Ever since the DSK-Benelli had showcased their Italian beasts at the 2015 India Bike Week, held at Vagator, Goa last-month my E-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS have been filled with messages and even got few calls from our readers enquiring about the prices of the Benelli range.

dsk-benelli-india-tnt-300-details-pictures-price-specsDSK-Benelli TNT 300.

Now the wait finally seems to be put to an end for enthusiasts who were looking into the Benelli range as their next purchase of a high-performance motorcycle. Here is an estimated price list posted by a our good friends at Motoroids onto website yesterday, we now have an idea of what kind of price the CBU version of our Benelli range will have.

Bookings for the 5 Benelli models have already commenced since yesterday with the amount of Rs 50,000 which is fully refundable in case of cancellation across 9 dealerships covering cities like Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Ahmadabad, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The first 5 models include – entry level street fighter Benelli TNT 300, mid-size naked bike TNT 600i, mid-size sports tourer with adventure stance – TNT 600GT, mid-size naked TNT 899 and super naked TNT 1130 R.

dsk-benelli-india-tnt-600i-details-pictures-price-specsDSK-Benelli TNT 600i.

Ahead of the official launch scheduled for 19th March, our good friends at Motoroids have managed to source the approximate ex-showroom prices of the bikes from a dealer in Pune. The 5 Benelli models are already available for bookings now, with the deliveries commencing immediately after the launch.

Prices of 2015 Benelli range for India (approximate ex-showroom, Pune):

  • TNT 300 – Rs. 3.10 – 3.50 lakhs
  • TNT 600i – Rs. 5.10 – 5.50 lakhs
  • TNT 600 GT – Rs. 6 lakhs
  • TNT 899 – Rs. 10 lakhs
  • TNT 1130 – Rs. 12 lakhs

dsk-benelli-india-tnt-899-details-pictures-price-specsDSK-Benelli TNT 899.

Although there has been no confirmation on the prices from DSK-Benelli, there is a fair chance that the official pricing will be somewhere close to the estimated pricing. Also later this-year, the company will add 3 new models to its India line-up which include the TNT 25 (also known as BN 251), TreK Amazonas and Keeway Blackster 250.

Checkout more pictures and a video, after a jump.

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GALLERY: DSK-Benelli Motorcycles at 2015 IBW Stall

DSK-Benelli Blackster 250

Keeway Blackster (4)     Keeway Blackster (5)     Keeway Blackster (3)

Keeway Blackster (7)     Keeway Blackster (1)     Keeway Blackster (6)

DSK-Benelli TNT 25

dsk-benelli-tnt-25 -001     dsk-benelli-tnt-25 -002     dsk-benelli-tnt-25 -003

dsk-benelli-tnt-25 -004     dsk-benelli-tnt-25 -005     dsk-benelli-tnt-25 -006

DSK-Benelli TNT 300

dsk-benelli-tnt-300-001     dsk-benelli-tnt-300-002     dsk-benelli-tnt-300-003

dsk-benelli-tnt-300-004     dsk-benelli-tnt-300-005     dsk-benelli-tnt-300-006

DSK-Benelli TNT 600i

dsk-benelli-tnt-600i-001     dsk-benelli-tnt-600i-002     dsk-benelli-tnt-600i-003

dsk-benelli-tnt-600i-004     dsk-benelli-tnt-600i-005     dsk-benelli-tnt-600i-006

DSK-Benelli TNT 600 GT

dsk-benelli-tnt-600-gt-001     dsk-benelli-tnt-600-gt-002     dsk-benelli-tnt-600-gt-003

dsk-benelli-tnt-600-gt-004     dsk-benelli-tnt-600-gt-005     dsk-benelli-tnt-600-gt-006

DSK-Benelli TNT 899

dsk-benelli-tnt-899-001     dsk-benelli-tnt-899-002     dsk-benelli-tnt-899-003

dsk-benelli-tnt-899-004     dsk-benelli-tnt-899-005     dsk-benelli-tnt-899-006

DSK-Benelli TNT 1130

dsk-benelli-tnt-1130-001     dsk-benelli-tnt-1130-002     dsk-benelli-tnt-1130-003

dsk-benelli-tnt-1130-004     dsk-benelli-tnt-1130-005     dsk-benelli-tnt-1130-006

DSK-Benelli TREK 1130 Amazonas

dsk-benelli-trek-1130-amazonas-001     dsk-benelli-trek-1130-amazonas-002     dsk-benelli-trek-1130-amazonas-003

dsk-benelli-trek-1130-amazonas-004     dsk-benelli-trek-1130-amazonas-005     dsk-benelli-trek-1130-amazonas-006


Source: Motoroids