DC design blesses Tata Winger with some luxury

DC Tata Winger

The Tata Winger exudes a commanding presence which makes heads turn and jaws drop. The mundane sliding windows are swapped for generous amounts of set glasses. Also included, is a revamped fascia both at the front and back while the roof space is increased.

The Winger interior is gracefully designed considering passenger endeavors. The van houses an AV console, laminated wood tones and two pairs of captain seats. In addition, lush carpets, windows with powered drapes and elegant leather seats exhibit added fervor and grace.

The interior even has a blend of fluorescent lights and LED to guarantee vividness. Functional add-ons include two 26 inch LCD T.V. sets, DVD player, 12v fridge, computer with a wireless keyboard and an intercom. Of course, the Winger is fitted with an inverter to cater to the electrical requirements on-board.

The Tata Winger radiates class, finesse and luxury on all fronts.


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DC Tata Winger - 001     DC Tata Winger - 002     DC Tata Winger - 003     DC Tata Winger - 004

DC Tata Winger - 005     DC Tata Winger - 006     DC Tata Winger - 007     DC Tata Winger - 008