Chevrolet Cruze plug-in hybrid version is under development!

Chevrolet Cruze plug-in hybrid version

According to GM’s Jim Federico, Global Vehicle Line Executive & Global Vehicle Chief Engineer for Full and Midsize Cars Career with more than 30 years at GM and VLE for global compact, mini, small and EV, the company will offer a plug-in hybrid version of the Cruze to rival Toyota’s Prius Plug-in Hybrid.

Now here’s where things get a little confusing (nut not that much). Unlike the Chevrolet Volt, the electrified version of the Cruze will be a plug-in hybrid rather than an electric car with a range-extender.

“The Volt will always be a plug-in electric vehicle,” said Federico. “Plug-in Cruze doesn’t make Volt redundant at all. Plug-in Cruze would have a different powertrain. Plug-in hybrids use both the engine and motor all the time.”

He said that unlike the Volt, which has an internal combustion engine that replenishes the car’s lithium-ion battery pack, the Cruze would be a hybrid with external charging capability.

In English, that means the Volt drives the front wheels all of the time with electric-power – in the Cruze the plug-in uses a combination of both gasoline and electric power to move the front wheels.


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