Cheetah comes aboard a Land Cruiser on a safari to Northern Serengeti

cheetah-land-cruiser-safari-northern-serengeti-windshieldCheetah on a Land Cruiser

Recently when a safari went to Northern Serengeti, a cheetah along with a cub came too close to a Land Cruiser. The occupants were taken by surprise. One of the officials from Essential Africa Guided Safaris named Lee Whittam took the opportunity to take a few good pictures of the cheetah and the cub up close.

It was reported that a cheetah and a cub were sighted in the Serengeti area fueling the excitement among the Serengeti sanctuary visitors to go on a safari and check them out. It never occurred to anyone that the tables will turn and it will be the cheetah and its cub seeking them out! The duo were excited by the presence of the Land Cruiser. The little cub jumped onto the Land Cruiser’s bonnet enjoying viewing surrounding from there.

However, it was not just a one day fun. The following day the cub and the cheetah arrived again. This time around, it was the adult cheetah who jumped onto the cruiser’s hood first. The occupants were thrilled and shocked to be in such close presence of the two animals. They were all watching in awe as the two cheetahs were enjoying themselves. The young one was meanwhile exploring the vehicle. The cub was found licking and chewing the parts of the Land Cruiser that fascinated it.

cheetah-land-cruiser-safari-northern-serengeti-poncingCheetah on a Land Cruiser

The cheetahs found in the grasslands of East Africa have also previously been sighted springing onto vehicles venturing the forest. They get on top of the vehicles and observe the surrounding from there. The cheetahs are perhaps very curious animals. They have often been sighted exploring safari vehicles with great interest. They jump onto it and enjoy it as a sport. At times, they even sit atop the vehicle’s roof for long periods of time, relaxing.


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Source – Daily Mail