Car Discounts in November-2013


Car Discounts in November-2013

Car Discounts in November-2013 –

1.  Honda Brio – Honda dealerships will offer you free insurance which will fetch you a savings of upto Rs 18,000, depending on the Honda Brio you plan to buy. A cash discount of upto Rs 5,000 can also be availed of, taking the total savings to upto Rs 23,000.
2.  Hyundai i10 – The Hyundai i10, with its good performance and practicality, can now be bought at showrooms with a decent amount shaved off the price tag. A discount of upto Rs 50,000 for the i10 hatchback is quite attractive and worth your notice if you’ve always wanted a competitive car.
3.  Volkswagen Polo – Regardless of whether the showroom gives you a combination of cash discounts and deductions in insurance cost, you will ultimately be able to save upto Rs 50,000 on the Volkswagen Polo hatchback. A good time to pick one up if you always fancied the Polo.
4.  Toyota Etios Liva – The Etios Liva, being a Toyota, needs minimal maintenance, has a spacious cabin and is easy to drive. Currently, dealerships are offering a discount where you can save upto Rs 40,000 on this Toyota hatchback.



1.  Mitsubishi Pajero Sport – Mitsubishi dealers have a decent discount on the Pajero Sport. As per this, you can get free first year’s insurance which can save you upto Rs 80,000. If you can push the sales guy a bit, you may be able to get another Rs 5,000 worth of accessories for this SUV at no extra cost.
2.  Tata Aria – If you happen to get to the Tata showroom on time for the limited period offer, you can get the benefit to save on insurance for three years on the SUV. This offer can save you upto Rs 1.5 lakh. Also ask the dealership for a healthy cash discount to the tune of upto Rs 50,000 and save a total of upto Rs 2 lakh on the Tata Aria SUV.


Luxury saloons

1.  Audi A4 – All versions, including the 174bhp 2.0 TDI, are currently being offered with a flat cash discount of Rs 2-3 lakh. If you’re lucky to find any 140bhp 2.0 TDI’s in stock, then you can get upto Rs 4 lakh off its price.

2.  Audi A6 – It’s easy to conclude that the A6 is a well-rounded and superbly engineered car. What makes owning one even easier is the Rs 4 lakh that is currently being discounted from the price of this saloon and is definitely a great deal.

3.  Audi A8 – The folks at AutoCarIndia got to know from an Audi dealership in Mumbai that you can get a sizeable discount on the Audi A8, a saloon known for its unmatched space and comfort. So, as per this benefit, you can avail of upto Rs 15 lakh on this luxury saloon depending on the stock that’s available. A good proposition if you were eager to save a lot on your next luxury car purchase.

4.  BMW 3-Series – BMW showrooms are offering upto Rs 3.5 lakh off their current 3-series range.

5.  BMW 5-Series – If you can get your hands on any of the versions of the outgoing 5-series that’re left in the dealerships stock, you can get upto Rs 7.5 lakh off the cost. A good deal on this BMW luxury saloon.

6.  Mercedes C-Class – Mercedes showrooms are trying to attract buyers with an opportunity to save money when purchasing the C-class. Avail of a cash benefit of upto Rs 4 lakh on any Mercedes C-class version.

7.  Volkswagen Passat – The Passat has strong performance, a superb ride and a long list of equipment. It’s currently available with a Rs 1.1 lakh discount.


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