Buses face new strict rules after the Delhi rape incident

Buses face new strict rules after the Delhi rape incident

Following the gruesome gang rape of the 23-year old medical student in a bus in New Delhi, the Government announced that all advertisements and films on the windows of buses to be removed. The Bengaluru police have issued a deadline to all BMTC buses and private bus operators to remove the tinted film from the windows following a Supreme Court order.

Buses in Delhi are also asked to remove the heavy curtains while also asked to keep lights on while working at night. If failing to do so, the vehicle will be impounded. Besides all these, the Government has also listed out certain other precautions to be adhered to, to ensure safety of women passengers. Buses must now be parked with owners and not with the drivers, and all drivers must carry an ID with a photo which should be displayed on the bus with helpline numbers, driver’s mobile numbers and license numbers in bold lettering.

This was the supreme court ruling so as to prevent further incidents from happening in the future.

‘May God give the strength to the family in this tough time. RIP Damini.’


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SourceDeccan Chronicle