A spoil brat burns a Ferrari 458 Italia to buy a new Ferrari 488 GTB

Point your weapons at a 20-year old spoilt prick from Europe who smouldered his dark Ferrari 458 Italia, just with the goal that his dad could purchase him the new 488 GTB. The fellow possesses 20 other luxury cars, aside from the Ferrari. The 458 didn’t take care of business for him any longer, and the owner  was “frightened” to approach his dad for the more up to date Ferrari, so he burned it.


Just that he didn’t do it without anyone’s help. The sleaze ball enlisted three assistants, and paid them $15,000 (INR 9.63 lakh) each to take the auto, drive it over the German fringe into Switzerland and torch it. While the trio did all the grimy business, our man was ruining himself in a back rub parlor, expecting uplifting news from Switzerland.


Too terrible for him however, as security cameras grabbed the blazing Ferrari, and the police in the end got to the gentleman, and captured him. At the point when conveyed to court, he asserted that he was out of cash, notwithstanding getting a pocket money of $10,000 (INR 6.42 lakh) every month from his unimaginably well-off father. What’s more, he predicted this deplorable deed, only in light of the fact that “was not brave enough to tell his father he did not like the Ferrari”.

Our heart goes out to the severely tormented 458, that is presently composed off, alongside its 4.4-liter, 570 bhp, V8 heart of the iconic car.

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