BMW’s Olympic Pavilion dazzles at London’s Olympic Park

BMW's Olympic Pavilion  - 001The BMW Group has unveiled their Olympic Park Pavilion which expects to draw thousands of visitors during the Games.

BMW's Olympic Pavilion  - 002

Conceived by an award-winning British architecture firm, the BMW Group Pavilion showcases a exciting range of latest vehicles against the backdrop of the Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Centre. The company’s 800m2 Pavilion filters and recycles the surrounding river water, and is built with highly recyclable steel with reduced concrete.

BMW's Olympic Pavilion  - 003

The lower floor of the pavilion exhibits the London 2012 Games fleet with interactive displays for guests to learn about the BMW Group’s vision for the future of individual transport. Also on display are prototype models including the BMW E-Scooter and the BMW i Pedelec concept together with a revised MINI Rocketman Concept, that has a Union Jack inspired colour scheme.

BMW's Olympic Pavilion  - 004

The top deck, comprises nine individual rooftop pavilions, and displays current and future BMW Group vehicles.

BMW's Olympic Pavilion  - 005

Tim Abbott, Managing Director, BMW Group UK said, “The role of the Pavilion is two-fold – to explain the support we’re providing as the Official Automotive Partner to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, but also to provide a powerful visual symbol of our commitment to the highest standards of innovation in design and sustainability. We look forward to welcoming visitors and guests to the BMW Group Pavilion throughout the Games.”

BMW's Olympic Pavilion  - 006

Principal architect Christopher Lee commented, “As a British-based practice, we were delighted to be selected to work with BMW Group for the UK’s first Olympic and Paralympic Games since 1948. It’s not every day that one has the opportunity to work with a brand like BMW on such a global stage and we are proud that the finished result will be seen by thousands of people during London 2012.”

BMW's Olympic Pavilion  - 007

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