BMW working on 5-Series based electric-car for China


The BMW Megacity electric-vehicle will arrive in 2013 but the automaker is working on a separate electric-vehicle specifically for China. According to a report by Chinese newspaper Beijing Youth Dailydaily, BMW is working with its joint venture partner Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. on a new EV that will be built on the platform of the 5-Series sedan.

While we have no technical details on the 5-Series based electric-car, we do know that the model will debut in concept form at the 2011 Beijing Auto Show.

BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., is a 50/50 joint venture between BMW and Brilliance and currently builds the 3-Series and 5-Series in the China city of Shenyang. In 2012, BMW sold 169,000 BME and Mini vehicles in China.