BMW M3 Coupe goes out of production to make way for the new-gen
BMW M3 Coupe goes out of production to make way for the new-gen

The German car manufacturer, BMW officially announced the end of production the current E92 generation M3 Sports Coupe at its Regensburg plant today. It’s definitely a sad day for us car enthusiasts, because it is end of not just the current M3 Coupe but it is also the end of the M3 Coupe moniker!

Since the fourth-gen M3 was first introduced in 2007, BMW sold more than 40,000 units of the M3 coupe, while nearly 10,000 more were M3 sedans, and 16,000 convertibles to make a grand total of 66,000 M3 models produced total.

So far, it has been the first and will be the last M3 to utilize a naturally aspirated engine and more specifically, one with eight cylinders. The replacement set-up for the M3 is the new M3 sedan, while the coupe and convertible get moved up to the M4 moniker. And that will don the first ever forced induced engine for BMW’s most successful sport coupe-a supposed twin-turbo 3.0-litre straight-six good for 4 420 hp and 400 Nm of torque. This engine won the International Engine of the Year award for the 3.0- to 4.0-litre class five times in a row!

A launch date sometime in 2014 is expected for the M3 sedan while the M4 coupe and convertible follow afterwards.


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