BMW M Performance Power Kits to be re-introduced in India

In December-2014, we reported that BMW has discontinued M Performance Power Kits in India due to certain homologation issues, this decision was hugely criticized by its customers.


For the last few years, BMW India has been lagging behind the Mercedes-Benz and Audi in terms of sales. Now with the introduction of more petrol models and sporty performance upgrades, BMW is expected to strengthen the brand image among driving enthusiasts in India. The company has also started local-assembly of its second-gen X1 which is one of the top volume pullers for the brand in India.

The BMW M Performance kits are reported to be reintroduced in India, however, the pricing is yet to be announced. The M Performance kits make the cars noticeably sportier than the regular versions, and also offer performance boost equivalent to a moderate after market modification job but without hampering the warranty. These kits will be on offer for 4 of its models – 320d, 520 d, 530 d and X5 30d.

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