BMW i3 Coupe Concept unveiled, ahead of its LA debut

BMW i3 Coupe Concept

Earlier sources in the web rumored that BMW’s new ‘i’ brand had something special planned for the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show– well, here it is. Today the company has officially released the images of BMW i3 Coupe Concept before its LA Auto Show debut. It is similar to the Bavarian’s other ‘i’ range of cars, the i3 Coupe Concept has a carbon fiber body with Li-ion batteries under the floor.

Inside the cabin, the i3 Coupe Concept boasts of wool, leather and wood upholstery. Due to the absence of a transmission tunnel, the cabin looks spacious as well. On the BMW i3 Concept Coupé, the drive system, chassis and energy storage unit, along with the structural and crash functions, are once again incorporated into the Drive module that is made chiefly of aluminium.

Like the BMW i3 Concept, the coupe concept is powered by the same electric-motor setup. The system sits on the rear axle and produces 170-hp with a maximum torque of 250Nm. That gives the BMW i3 Coupe Concept the ability to go from 0 to 60 kph in under 4 seconds and from 0 to 100 kph in less than 8 seconds. On a full charge, the BMW i3 Coupe Concept can travel a total range of 130 to 160 kilometres. The battery can be fully recharged in 6 hours from a standard power socket and can reach 80 percent charge in just one hour with a high-speed charger package.

The BMW i3 4-door model will hit markets next year and the coupe will follow shortly after.
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BMW i3 Coupe Concept - DashView

BMW i3 Coupe Concept - FrontView

BMW i3 Coupe Concept - SideView

BMW i3 Coupe Concept - RearView