Bloodhound SSC – 1609 kmph Engineering wonder displayed in New Delhi

The United Kingdom keeps organizing Education campaigns in India to highlight the achievements of the UK in varied fields and also to attract the attention of students who are looking forward to pursue their higher education abroad. There was another exhibition organized more recently in Delhi last month where the United Kingdom had showcased their best achievements in various fields as part of the ‘Great Britain’ campaign and there they had showcased something which means a lot to the world of Motorsport and speed.

bloodhound-ssc-worlds-fastest-car-supersonicFour wheels, 7.5 tonnes, 135,000 bhp.

Ever since the automobile was first invented, the adventurous human being has always been in the search of more speed and thrill and found it in many different ways. There was circuit racing, rallying, drag racing, off-roading and then the haven of speed, the land speed record cars. The land speed record guys have always been in the pursuit of speed and rejoice in every single digit of additional speed achieved.

The British have contributed the most to Motorsport with legendary races and rallies being held in the UK and even the most legendary cars and motorcycles in the world have taken birth in the united kingdom, so it is but obvious that the British too showed a keen interest in the land speed record runs and not just keen interest, they have held the land speed record for 17 years straight. In 1997, RAF(Royal Air Force) pilot Andy Green went into the record books for setting a land speed record at 763.035 MPH (1227.985 KMPH) in a car named, the Thrust SSC and now he intends to break his own record.

bloodhound-ssc-british-councilBloodhound SSC is being developed and built with the intention of breaking the land speed record by 33%, the largest ever margin.

The ‘Great Britain’ campaign held in Delhi last month showcased the car in which Andy Green intends to break his own record. The car which is named Bloodhound SSC has an astonishing power output of 1,35,000 Horsepower. That is more than six times the total combined power of all the 2014 formula one cars on the starting grid, and Andy Green will be using all 1,35,000 Horsepower to achieve a set target of 1000 MPH (1,609 KMPH).

This engineering wonder was displayed at the United Kingdom Education Exhibition in order to show off the capabilities of the British and to highlight the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Education.

Andy Green hoped that this Engineering adventure will inspire the Indian students to take up education in the UK in the above fields and he also hopes to make his record breaking run before 2016 and there will be trial runs held all through 2015.

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