Bentley’s new SUV will get V12 gasoline and V12 diesel


A Bentley SUV is on the way (well, it’ll debut in 2014-2015) and the company’s CEO can’t seem to stop talking about it. In August, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Durheimer spilled a bunch of details on the upcoming SUV, confirming that it will use a V12 gasoline engine.

“We will be first to use a 12-cylinder petrol engine in a luxury SUV. I like this idea; it makes clear whose car is the boss,” said Durheimer.

The engine is reported to be a next-generation version of today’s W12 unit used in the Continental family. Bentley apparently also has plans to use a V12 TDI engine in the USV a few years after launch. The V12 TDi will most likely be the next-generation 493-hp 6.0 liter V12 TDI from the Q7.

Bentley recently hired a new chief engineer from Porsche, Rolf Frech, to replace Ulrich Eichhorn. Frech, having worked on the Porsche Cayenne, brings a bunch of SUV knowledge to Bentley.

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