Batman pulled over for No License Plates on his Lamborghini

Batmobile Lamborghini

A man dressed as Batman was pulled over by the Montgomery County police department in Maryland, Washington DC for not having plates on his Batmobile Lamborghini, and what appeared to be nothing more than a silly photo op actually had a pretty heartwarming story behind it.

After being pulled over by the cops, it was found that the man in question appropriately named Mr. Lenny B Robinson – could have dressed as Robin, and was actually heading towards a local children’s hospital.

Robinson was let off with a warning and without any charges levied. Both number plates were with Mr. Robinson and the car was registered.  Robinson worked with kids and was on his way to entertain children at the local hospital and prefers to visits them dressed as their favourite character.

The reason why he did not have number plates on his vehicle was that Mr. Robinson did not want to ruin the effect of being looked upon as the real Batman. Montgomery police did not levy charges nor did they tow away the vehicle as they found Robinson’s explanations satisfactory.


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