Bajaj Pulsar 200NS touring accessories – with pictures and details

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS touring accessories – FrontView

The Pulsar series of bikes are no stranger to anybody in the country, it was the bike that started a revolution more than a decade ago, and is still continuing to revolutionize the Indian biking scene. The latest Pulsar was the 200NS which had its own set of great achievements. It had the world’s first triple-spark DTS-i engine, was liquid cooled, had 4-valves, and all one would need for our Indian roads. The 200NS was a proper all-rounder. The engine had the eagerness at higher revs, but on the mid-range, it felt just perfect and could cruise along at 100kmph all day, it handled excellently, and at the same time it was perfectly comfortable to ride on long distances. Seemed like it was the perfect candidate for touring, and touring they did! Many people who bought the 200NS have taken it on long rides, through the hills, on the open highway, spending days together out on the open road, and were very happy with the way the bike performed, but were left wanting for only one thing: luggage carrying capability.

The Royal Enfields are so popular among touring freaks because of the fact that, luggage can be hauled over long distances easily without breaking the rider’s backbone. There were good mounting points on the Enfields, and ready-made as well as custom made luggage racks available only for the Royal Enfields, and no other bikes. But now, one can avail touring accessories for their Pulsar 200NS. Our friends over at have now put up for sale a bolt-on touring kit for the Pulsar 200NS.

The touring kit includes a luggage rack/holder as well as a huge visor at the front. Both of these are bolt on parts, and one need not make any modifications on the bike to install them. This gives the added advantage, that, when not touring, this kit can be taken off and the bike will return to its stock condition. The luggage rack is supposed to be bolted to the rear of the bike, via the four alan key screws under the pillion seats and once bolted on, the seat can be put back. The luggage rack has OEM style fit and finish levels, and does not look out of place on the 200NS.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS touring accessories – RearView

Next-up is the visor. The stock visor on the front of the 200NS is very short and barely rises above the instrument cluster. What this means is that, while doing highway speeds for a long time, the wind keeps hitting the rider at speed, and this can get very irritating indeed. The Touring visor that comes with this touring kit is as high as the mirrors on the motorcycle. This can make highway rides much smoother and less stressful. The visor too is a bolt-on part and is supposed to be bolted down at the point where the stock visor is bolted down, so it is very secure as well.

These accessories make the 200NS look like a European Enduro motorcycle from all angles, so it not only provides utility, but also looks good on the motorcycle. Own a 200NS, and love touring, but cannot go touring because of luggage issues? The Touring kit is now available for you at


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