Stories of Bajaj Dominar 400’s lack of quality, completely untrue!

Since yesterday a picture of Bajaj Dominar 400 with broken rear suspension and cracked alloy wheels went viral on social media, questioning the Bajaj’s quality issue with its flagship model!

The reports on the web claimed that this Dominar owner from Mumbai was crossing a pothole at a speed of about 40 KMPH when the bike’s rear monoshock suspension collapsed and the rear alloy wheels got cracked. Given the fact that there have been numerous complaints of alloy wheels breaking on other Bajaj and KTM motorcycles, we’ve been blindly believed that the incident is very real indeed, or justified.

Sources had also claimed that the Bajaj authorised service centre has denied replacing the affected parts free of cost under warranty, instead had given him a estimation of Rs. 13,000/- to fix the issues. They even advised the owner to go for an insurance claim. Furthermore, the owner added that alloy wheels were intact when he gave the bike to the service centre but were later found to be damaged.

Well, the above incident is not what has really happened! Also this story has not digested well with a Dominar enthusiasts, forget about the rider using dual-channel ABS at certain point, how a motorcycle can suffer such damage while riding at 40 KMPH crossing a usual pothole. Now the folks at Rushlane have concluded that the so called lack of quality is hoax news publicized by big media houses like and Financial Express.

The Dominar 400 in question was damaged by the rider while performing stunts at high speed. When the stunt went wrong, the motorcycle took a fall which resulted in damaging the rear suspension and alloys broken. When the motorcycle reached-out to his dealer after the damage, the owner had revealed to the concerned person that the bike got damaged due to his own fault, and not due to any manufacturing defect.

After inspecting the damaged bike, Bajaj dealer gave him an estimation of Rs. 13,000 for the cost of repair. When the Dominar owner had agreed that it was damaged due to his own negligence, there was no way he was going to get an insurance claim!

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Source: Rushlane