BA Exclusive – Mangalore Auto Expo 2012

Mangalore Auto Expo 2012 - Entrance

It is a pleasure to say that were present at the Mangalore Auto Expo 2012 and have come back with pleasant memories of the same. Like last year, no upcoming cars were highlighted, the event was just like a display of cars available in current market. We could like to mention the expo wasn’t International by any standards again, only a foreign brand Mercedes-Benz had participated.

The event showcased all sorts of vehicles from Nano to S-class at the price range of Rs2 lakhs – Rs1 crore +, said the representative of the two day event, which was organized by Manipal-Ace Event Mangement Co. in Mangalore recently.

Mangalore is the 2nd biggest city in Karnataka by way of auto population and luxury vehicles. The show is believed to be quite important from the point of view of giving a boost to the auto sector in the city and car companies such as Maruti, Hyundai, and Tata besides Skoda, Volkswagen, Renault and others have pitched in their stalls for displaying their cars in city.

Mangalore Auto Expo 2012 - Merc C63 AMG

One of the biggest show stoppers at the event is undoubtedly the all-new Merc C63 AMG. It is a brutal, road-going race car that just happens to be able to carry desi family. The latest model has a brand-new grille, a lowered front apron, new headlights – which look much like the ones on the SL roadster and a redesigned high-tech interior. Whether you want to carry desi family, ferry the kids to school or take on the Ferrari down the road, the C63 AMG is the only car you’ll need.

The disappointing thing was that there wasn’t enough representation from the bikes end. Hero Motorcorp and TVS with its entire range of motorcycles were present, surprisingly no KTM Duke 200 and Suzuki Swish 125 scooter. A couple of electric bike manufacturer’s like Eko and Ampere also made their presence here. Coming to commercial vehicles, Eicher had the 10.55 and the11.12 truck on display at the event.

Team Formula Manipal of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) have assembled a car, designed by them and had been on displayed at the event, named FMXI. The FMXI is a notch above its predecessors in terms of technology, with a light weight carbon fibre body. The car is faster, has a better tuned engine and a touch-screen LCD display for the driver. The team is in constant lookout for sponsors to enable them to set an example for the automotive engineers-to-be to overcome barriers and realize their dreams. To know more click here.

Mangalore Auto Expo 2012 - New Mahindra Xylo

The Expo accommodated bank and finance companies to aid customers to buy a product of their choice among the ones displayed at the event. Some accessories stalls from Bardahl and Savsol were also present. Apart from this stall, the expo featured special events and entertainment event like competition for kids, singing competition, Food court and lucky customer prize.

All in all, the entire two days of the expo were full of action and energy both for the visitors and the exhibitors. The attractive line-up of cars on display also ended up in giving an overwhelming experience to the visitors.


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