Aston Martin motorcycle developed in partnership with Brough Superior to debut at EICMA 2019

Aston Martin has announced its partnership with Brough Superior to produce limited edition motorcycles. Yes, you heard that right. For the first time ever, the well-known Aston Martin badge will be seen on a motorcycle.

Aston Martin is considered one among the most influential premium brands in the world and its cars are absolutely stunning to behold and to drive. The Aston Martin motorcycle in question is being developed in association with Brough Superior motorcycles, which is in its own right one of the most exclusive motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

It is a brand that is not very well known in modern times, and that is because it has been out of production for nearly 80 years now! In its heyday though, Brough Superior’s motorcycles were fondly called the Rolls-Royce of its time.

The company manufactured high end motorcycles between 1919 and 1940. Over 19 models were introduced during this period and a total of more than 3,000 motorcycles were produced. The wealthiest and most adventurous people of the time bought Brough motorcycles. They were also the fastest motorcycles during the period.

In 1940 though, the factory was pressed into producing crankshafts for Merlin aircraft engines as World War II had begun and demand for these fighter aircraft engines was high. Sadly for motorcycle enthusiasts, it was the end of Brough Superior. However, they remained the pride of collectors and enthusiasts for decades.

In 2008, the name was resurrected as a vintage motorcycle enthusiast named Mark Upham bought the rights to the name. In 2013, he got well-known motorcycle designer Thierry Henriette to design a new Brough Superior bike. In Milan, a new prototype was showcased three months later.

Now, Aston Martin has joined hands with the legendary brand to bring out a new limited edition motorcycle. The upcoming motorcycle will debut at the EICMA motorcycle show in Italy on 5th November, 2019. Till then though, we will have to make do with the sketch released by the British marques.

Aston Martin has released a sketch of the motorcycle that it is set to launch. The sketch depicts a futuristic-looking motorcycle with sharp lines. It also seems like it will feature hub-centre steering which is in itself a very advanced and complicated mechanism.

Hub centre steering is used in ultra rare cases wherein the motorcycle does not have a conventional fork or USD fork up front. From a distance, it appears as though the bike has no front suspension, but the fact of the matter is that the steering and suspension duties are enabled by a special swingarm.

The sketch also reveals that the front half of the motorcycle will be heavier and will have almost all of the tech. When this is added up with the fact that Aston Martin has been showing interest in electric motoring, we can conclude that this upcoming motorcycle too will feature electric powertrain.

As far as details of the upcoming motorcycles go, this is all we can say for now. However, we will see the motorcycle in its entirety within a week, so stay tuned.


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Image Credit: Lars-Göran Lindgren