Aston Martin Finally Arrives in Indian Soil


Aston Martin  sets up Press conference in Mumbai yesterday, regarding its Launch in India. Aston Martin joins Ferrari S.p.A, Maserati S.p.A and Volkswagen AG’s Bugatti and Lamborghini units in India with the U.K.-based company Friday launching three models for the country’s sports car enthusiasts.

“India represents a new opportunity for us,” said Michael van der Sande, chief commercial officer at Aston Martin.

The company will sell the V8 Vantage, priced at 15.50 million rupees, the Rapide at 21.5 million rupees and the One-77 for 200 million rupees in Asia’s third-largest economy that has already prompted Daimler AG, BMW AG, Audi AG, Bentley and Jaguar to introduce luxury cars for India’s rising number of millionaires and billionaires.

“A decision to bring the Aston Martin brand to India is driven by a strong level of interest and enthusiasm from potential customers in an emerging luxury market.”

Aston Martin on Friday starts a dealership in Mumbai and will open a second dealership in New Delhi by the end of May.

Expanding sales in India and China have provided global auto makers new market opportunities with business in Europe and the U.S.–their primary markets–stagnating.

Aston Martin was in 2007 sold to Kuwait’s Investment Dar Co. K.S.C. and Adeem Investment by its erstwhile owner Ford Motor Co.

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