All-new 2014 SsangYong Korando C officially unveiled in South Korea


All-new 2014 SsangYong Korando C facelift – FrontView

Mahindra & Mahindra owned Korea’s fourth largest car manufacturer, SsangYong Motors recently unveiled the New Korando C at the Seoul Marina in Yeouido, South Korea. The New Korando C has received a major facelift including a newly designed interior and body, as well as more convenient amenities. The company stated that the upgraded model will be available at its dealerships across Korea.

The New Korando C is a premium urban leisure vehicle, or ULV. Its interior and body were drastically redesigned, and the driver’s seat and its surrounding area have received a significant facelift, giving it a totally new look with greater market appeal.

The brand slogan selected by the company for the Korando C is ‘Urban Adventure’ which expresses the fusion of urban driving with outdoor adventure. This new model is to be promoted as a new type of SUV designed for the thrill of driving as well as outdoor leisure activities. Its catchphrase is, ‘The city is also the great outdoors for the New Korando C.’

Since its initial launch in 2011, the Korando C has been well received in Korea and its sales have grown steadily. With its new style and sleek interior design, the New Korando C is even more attractive than before, and will become a trendsetter in the SUV market.

The design concept of the New Korando C is ‘Robust Aesthetics from Dynamic Motion’. The image of a conventional SUV—dynamic, solid and strong—has been reinvented to perfect the Korando-family styling, which includes the Korando Sports and Korando Turismo.

At the front-end, the new look features projector headlights with a black bezel and LED position lights. The grill is the same color as the vehicle body, along with chrome molding, and the air intake grill is in line with the bumper. These innovative design changes add to the strong and sleek design of this upgraded model.


All-new 2014 SsangYong Korando C facelift – RearView

The rear has also been altered to contribute to the uniqueness of the new design. A C-shaped guide light, representing the identity of the New Korando C, has been introduced in the rear combination tail light and the embossing of the Korando C lettering stands out much more.

Both beauty and functionality have been improved in this upgraded model. In particular, the newly designed headlights have adopted projector lenses enveloped by a black aluminum bezel to accentuate its solid yet sophisticated image. The LED position lights have been equipped with inner lenses to increase their performance.

The side panels of the vehicle are manufactured using a diamond cutting method allowing their sleek design. Along with its newly designed 18-inch wheels, the overall exterior of the New Korando C boasts a dynamic and sophisticated style which is unique to this model.

New features have been introduced in the passenger compartment as well, matching the luxurious but sporty style of the vehicle. These features are conveniently placed in an attempt to maximize driving comfort.

The dynamic and sophisticated style of the instrument panel is perfectly balanced by the natural and subtle, non-glossy wood grain, creating a classy atmosphere that is rarely found in other vehicles in its class.


All-new 2014 SsangYong Korando C facelift – DashView

Soft materials are used for the upper part of the dashboard and the front passenger seat is equipped with an invisible airbag that doesn’t detract from the smooth and classy design. Various storage areas are conveniently placed around the passenger compartment.

The driver seat features forced ventilation in the seat cushion and backrest, with two-level fan speeds, to keep extra cool and dry in the summer. Another bold change introduced in some packages is the red leather seats.

If a customer opts for the red leather seats, a first for an SUV in Korea, red is also applied to the door trim, centre console and floor mats. This feature, along with the glossy wood grain, creates a sporty and sophisticated look which is usually only seen in sports cars.

In addition, the powertrain has been optimized to improve efficiency by up to 8.4% when driving in Eco mode, giving it a fuel economy of up to 12.8 km/? in 2-Wheel Drive (Automatic Transmission). The manual transmission model boasts the best fuel economy in its class of 17.2 km/? in 2-Wheel Drive, offering the driver both an exhilarating and economical driving experience.

In the automatic transmission model, the driver can choose between Eco and Sport mode. If the driver is concerned about fuel economy, the Eco mode will put the vehicle in an optimal fuel-saving mode. However, when the driver needs greater acceleration, the Sport mode can definitely provide it.


All-new 2014 SsangYong Korando C facelift – InteriorView

Further, by enhancing NVH such as improvement of the engine mounting system and rigidity of the sub-frame, vibration and noise levels have been reduced by up to 10%. A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has also been introduced as a preventive safety measure.

The New Korando C comes with various high-tech options that are rarely found in other vehicles in its class, setting it ever further above the competition.

The multimedia system consists of a 7-inch touch screen with a navigation system and advanced 3D map, as well as an Infinity sound system by the Harman Group. This system can provide not only accurate traffic information but also premium sound quality.

The Smart key system, which is a must-have option for most car owners, is installed in even lower trim levels than before and a very convenient flip key remote has been adopted for the other trim levels.

Additional options available are a black box, front and rear skid plates, side steps and a washer fluid heater. Also, consumers choosing the Smart AWD system can have a trailer hitch installed.


All-new 2014 SsangYong Korando C facelift unveiled at Seoul Marina in Yeouido, South Korea

With great confidence in the quality of its product, Ssangyong Motor extended the warranty for the New Korando C from two years/ 40,000km to three years/ 60,000km for the body and general parts. A warranty for the powertrain is provided for five years or up to 100,000km.

The New Korando C comes in three trim levels (6 sub-trim levels altogether) to help consumers choose a package that best suits their needs. In addition, high-end equipment, such as projector headlights and eco cruise control, are included in all trim levels, which makes it more affordable than if those individual options were bought separately.

CEO Lee Yoo-il says, “The Korando C has been reborn as the New Korando C, with a new innovative style and greater appeal to drivers. I have no doubt that it will be an attractive choice for drivers looking for vehicles for both urban driving and outdoor leisure activities.”

Various promotional events, designed to engage the customers, have been organized as well. Customers visiting a dealership can participate in a draw and the winners will receive various prizes, including a high-end digital camera. The company will also organize a test-drive event to be held during the Korean Thanksgiving holiday.

Moreover, special screens for the New Korando C will be designated in collaboration with about 30 movie theaters nationwide and camping with customers under a unique theme will be organized as well.


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