3 Digit Km/litre by Volkswagen

The Germans from Volkswagen revealed a concept vehicle with a fuel-sipping consumption called L1, The German concept has been revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show (2009). Car companies pay close attention to the Middle-East market, but it’s usually in relation to high-priced exotics and luxury cars.


So it comes as a big surprise to hear that Volkswagen might be launching a concept car at the upcoming Qatar Motor Show that will consume only 1-liter of fuel to travel 100 km. That is equivalent to 235 mpg. Will the Shiekhs be interested and impressed? Time will tell.

Reports suggest that the new version will be powered by a two-cylinder TDI diesel-electric hybrid system, which thanks to new lithium-ion batteries will give this vehicle its magical fuel consumption figure. Thanks to this powertrain the German small model is able to consume around 1 litre every 100 km.

The model issues just 36 g/km CO2 emissions and is able to develop 24 horsepower. Thanks to the lightweight material that was used to build it, the Volkswagen L1 weighs just 380 kilograms. The driving range of the model is about 670 kilometres while the top speed announced by the manufacturer is around 160 km/h. The side mirrors got replaced by two cameras while few other systems such as a parking assist system (Park Distance Control) are available too.

All will hopefully be revealed very soon. The Qatar Motor Show will be held Between January 26 – 29.