2017 Honda Hornet 160R – 0.62 BHP Power Reduction Reason Cited

The Honda Hornet 160R made its India debut in December-2015, despite being BS4 from day one, the company had introduced an massive discount of Rs. 18,500 on Hornet to clear-off their stock alongside other BS3 inventory till March 31, 2017.

Further Honda has updated the Hornet 160R for the 2017 model year, this have created a lot of confusion among the Hornet fans! Now the reports in Bike Advice explain the reason cited for the introduction of the new 2017 model by the company officials say due to ‘lack of AHO (Automatic Headlamp-On)’ they had to clear-off Hornet inventory before April 01, 2017.

Changes on the 2017 Hornet 160R include introduction of 2 new colours (Sports Red & Athletic Blue Metallic), AHO functionality, reduction of 2kgs kerb weight, wheelbase length increased by 1 mm and power reduction from 15.66 BHP to 15.04 BHP (0.62 BHP). Though above changes are inevitable, but why would Honda retune an already BS4 compliant engine, that too with reduce power which made the enthusiasts confused.

However, there is a valid reason behind this drop in power – Honda officials say since the headlight will be on all the time, there is higher power consumption from the vehicle that consequently puts more effort on the dynamo which directly transfers to the engine, which results in the power reduction for the 2017 Hornet 160R.

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Source: Bike Advice


  • Dhaval Dn

    very unfortunate. stupid gov. rule of headlight always on. how pathetic

  • Good move what about road safety! Motorcycle profiles are hard to see, especially head on or from the back, because the motorcycle is very narrow. So, in an effort to make them more visible to other road users, the mandate to run with a headlamp and taillight came about.

    However, it comes at a cost like drop-in-power, drop-in-mileage, headlight reflector may get fade due to excessive heat (if not redesigned), effects battery-life, contributes to Global Warming and cause irritation to the pedestrians and on-coming drivers. Thus, an introduction of mandatory LED DRLs would have been a better alternative.

  • Dhaval Dn

    those who say motorcycle are hard to see should first stop coming on road and check their eyes to optician. second thing is headlights in day time or evening before sunset is very distracting and blinds the opposite side drivers. always on lights are more dangerous. DRLs are good so even after sun set rider forgots to turn on light, DRLs would help until rider realises and turns on the main headlight. Further instead of always-on headlight, Automatic headlight should be preferred. based on light sensor headlight should be turned on automatically. Also there must be switch to manually turn on/off headlight in case of malfunction of sensor.

  • Motorcycle profiles are hard to see in foggy and mist weathers on-roads, which are witnessed mostly in North India and rarely in South India.