SpyShots: 2016 Audi A4 on test – to get a 2.0 litre TFSI motor!

Audi has been having quite a good run in India. The company has been constantly refreshing its lineup to keep pace with the changing times. Mercedes Benz claimed the title of the number 1 luxury car maker in the country in the Q1 2015 and Audi wants it back. To help it achieve the same, Audi will soon be supplanting the 1.8-liter petrol motor in the A4 with an all the more effective 2.0-liter petrol unit to make it an additionally convincing purchase.


The Audi A4 has been a decent seller for Audi and has raked in great numbers. This is to a great extent because of the discounts offered on the car which has the value effect between the A3 and A4 closing down. Highlighting a more agreeable ride quality, the A4 has an edge over its prime rival, the BMW 3-series yet it misses the mark before the Mercedes C-Class which is valued higher. The 1.8-liter motor is being utilized as a part of the Volkswagen Jetta and Skoda Octavia too.

The 2.0-liter TFSI unit in the A4 will likewise be an element separating it from its more youthful sibling, the A3 which just gets the 1.8-liter TFSI motor. This empowers Audi to charge a premium on the A4 and legitimize a value trek which may come in with the new variation. With lessening value contrast in the middle of diesel and petrol costs, clients have begun going in for petrol-fueled luxury autos by and by which has provoked makers to present these variations. The front-wheel drive car is relied upon to be supplanted by the next generation A4 at some point one year from now and until then, Audi will try to make the maximum of what it can.

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GALLERY: 2016 Audi A4 (SpyShots)

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