2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class images leaked, ahead of 2013 Detroit Motor Show


2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class – FrontView

Like every other car manufactures, even the best luxury car manufacturers can’t keep their vehicles under the wraps for a long time. Today, we have leaked images of the fifth-generation Mercedes C-Class that have been leaked on the internet prior to the debut at the upcoming 2013 Detroit Motor Show, which will start from January-2014. But the photos look snapped from a considerable distance so we weren’t able to take a good look at the exterior.

The new look of brands entry-level sedan looks like a downsized version of the flagship S-Class, one of the leaked photo shows the vehicle sporting an AMG kit. Apart from these first exterior images, we have also got several new interior pics. However, the interior design of the C-Class has officially been revealed by the German automaker and follows much of the German automaker’s design philosophy for the MFA vehicles.

Speaking about the new C-Class exteriors, it looks like a stripped down version of the S-Class with similar bumpers, headlights and grille design. The side profile looks similar to that of the GLA Class which in itself is a smaller version of the S-Class. Some of the copied characteristics include the low-roofline at the back and the creases along the door. The new C-Class will have a high-class ambiance, a new touchpad control surface and a lightweight bodyshell.


2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class – InteriorView

The 2015 C-Class is based on the new MRA (Mercedes Rear wheel drive Architecture), and will be around 80kg lighter than the existing model. The same platform is also used to develop the 2014 S-Class. The engine line-up is expected to stay the same as of now, with a addition of new hybrid and 4MATIC all-wheel drive variants. The C-Class has been one of the company’s top selling car in India, so we could expect it to come in India as well.


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2015-Mercedes-C-Class-Front-View     2015-Mercedes-C-Class-Side-View     2015-Mercedes-C-Class-Fender     2015-Mercedes-C-Class-Front-Fascia

2015-Mercedes-C-Class-Dash-View     2015-Mercedes-C-Class-Inside-View     2015-Mercedes-C-Class-Interior-View     2015-Mercedes-C-Class-Touchpad