2014 Auto Expo – TVS showcases Graphite and Zest Scooters at the event

tvs-graphite-2014-auto-expoTVS Graphite

Ah! Just in our last article we talked about how scooters are once again becoming the rage of the day with launches from all the top players being lined up at the Indian Auto Expo 2014. In this article we are going to discuss the Graphite scooter displayed by the Indian two wheeler manufacturer TVS at its pavilions at the 2014 Auto Expo. The most magnetic features of the scooter were its offset, ‘winking’ headlamp that gave it a very sharp, trendy and cool look.

The company has not shared any engine mechanics and we believe that there is a long way before the final product comes out. For the time being it looks more of a test guinea pig which needs to go through many evolutionary stages. Inspired by stealth fighter jets in its mechanics, the scooter donned a dual tone shade of matt grey and yellow.

Out of as much details we could collect about it, there were a lot of promising features. Some of this are- an Automatic Manual Transmission, an active Matrix LCD display on which you can check out various stats related to vehicle’s performance, an immobilizer and a smart electronic key.

tvs- scooty-zest-2014-auto-expoTVS Scooty ZEST

Apart from the  Scooty Graphite, the company also introduced another scooty, albeit for girls. The scooty is named Zest . the scooty shares its engine specifications with its elder sibling Jupiter. However, the new style, design and vibrant colors are something new to check out for The all new headlamps give the scooty an appealing look. The tail light is also equipped with a new LED lighting. Similarly, there has been lot of appealing design in the body panels and seat Expect the Zest to hit the showrooms in a couple of months from now while for the concept scooter we may have for some more time.


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Check out more pictures of TVS scooters at 2014 Auto Expo –

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