2014 Auto Expo – Maruti Suzuki Swift Range Extender revealed; looks promising

Maruti-Swift-Range-Extender-frontMaruti Suzuki Swift Range Extender – FrontView

International Auto Show’s are held every year at many places across the world, it is here that manufacturers come to showcase their products and capabilities, and even launch new automobiles in the market. All this is very good indeed, but the number of launches at the auto shows are growing by the year, and as a result of this, the well marketed and most anticipated cars and motorcycles get a lot of media coverage, and there are a few good cars which often go unnoticed and suffers from very low or no media coverage at all because of poor marketing.

One such model is the Maruti Suzuki Swift Range Extender which was displayed at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo. Displayed at a small hall reserved for hybrids, the Suzuki Swift Range Extender didn’t receive a lot of attention from the media, and when one gets to know more about the car, we begin to wonder why that happened, as this car deserves much more attention.

Maruti-Swift-Range-Extender-dashboardMaruti Suzuki Swift Range Extender – DashView

The Swift Range Extender is actually a plug-in hybrid, based on the Swift plug-in hybrid which was unveiled at the 2010 Tokyo motor show. Being powered by a 658cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine and also a 73 HP, permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, the Swift Range Extender version returns a combined fuel-efficiency figure of 48.2 KMPL, and is capable of travelling around 25.5 KM’s on pure electric mode.

The electric motor is powered by lithium-ion-cells which, according to Maruti Suzuki takes an hour and a half to charge fully, through a normal 200V plug point. Because of the motor and the batteries on board, the weight of the car has also gone up, tipping the scales at 1600 KG’s. But all of these changes in the drive-train haven’t had any effect on the practicality of the car.

Maruti-Swift-Range-Extender-rearMaruti Suzuki Swift Range Extender – RearView

From the outside, the Swift Range Extender looks just like a normal Swift, except for the green and yellow graphics on the hood with the Range Extender moniker, and the yellow roof. Inside the car though, there are many changes, in the form of an upgraded audio system, and an information display screen in the centre of the dashboard. Other features include a start/stop button, and remote keyless entry system with engine immobiliser.

There are no details as to whether it will be making it into production or not, but this seems to be a really nice concept, and will definitely change the way we travel, if launched in the future.


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