2014 Auto Expo – Ashok Leyland showcases DOST, STiLE, Partner, MiTR, BOSS and Captain

2014-auto-expo-ashok-leylandAshok Leyland 2014 Auto Expo range

Ashok Leyland, flagship of the Hinduja Group, displayed its full range of next-generation Commercial Vehicles (CVs) at the Auto expo in Greater Noida. The company displayed products ranging from 3.5 T to 25T, – DOST, STiLE, Partner, MiTR, BOSS and Captain – all built on modern and contemporary vehicle platforms. This full-range of Fully Built vehicles sports contemporary design, new-generation platforms and offers best-in-class efficiency, performance and comfort.

Designed and developed basis extensive customer feedback and based on a deep appreciation of their concerns and requirements, these products will offer uncompromising standards of operating economics and performance parameters.

With this new line-up, Ashok Leyland has an entirely new suite of products and is ready to strengthen its domestic market and to grow its international presence. The company is looking to service many new segments and markets with these new products.

On display are a tipper version on the DOST – a less than 2.5 GVW vehicle that offers last-mile connectivity; a completely customised STile – the people carrying MPV; a school-bus version of MiTR – their new LCV bus; PARTNER truck with industry-first curtain slider on either side to improve operational efficiency; a refrigerated variant of BOSS the Intermediate Commercial Vehicle (ICV) that comes with a factory-fitted refrigerated unit and an insulated container and CAPTAIN 2523 Tipper that features an indigenously designed, factory-made cab based on the best principles of ergonomics and styling to deliver superior comfort, optimal performance and a longer life.

LCV vehicles from the joint venture between Ashok Leyland and Nissan and the indigenously developed M&HCV range of vehicles, together, promise to change the dynamics of the commercial vehicle landscape in India.


Details about the products on display at Auto Expo 2014 –

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV):

2014-auto-expo-ashok-leyland-dostAshok Leyland DOST

In the sub-2.5 GVW category, the DOST tipper offers the best last-mile connectivity. It is a Ready-to-Use Vehicle (RUV) suited for light-load applications such as waste disposal. It has a remote controlled tipping mechanism, offers the lowest turning radius and comes with power steering and can be customised for refrigerated container, cash and service van and ambulance applications.

2014-auto-expo-ashok-leyland-stileAshok Leyland STiLE

The customised STiLE displayed at the Expo has a globally renowned and proven dCI Common Rail engine, offers class-leading interior space, dual AC for effective air-conditioning, sliding doors for easy ingress and egress and a first-in-its-class dashboard-mounted gear lever. The Monocoque construction ensures lower noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) and improved ride quality, while its low turning radius and speed-sensitive electric power steering makes it a delight for drivers. it is best-suited for hotel shuttles, taxis and tourist carriers among others.

2014-auto-expo-ashok-leyland-partnerAshok Leyland Partner

PARTNER truck brings the latest LCV from Europe and Japan to Indian customers. This next-generation truck sports a modern Euro cab with spacious car-like interiors, has a tilt-able cabin for service accessibility, a choice of two wheel base options, optional HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning) and for the first time, comes with a curtain slider on either side that helps improve operational efficiency. With a lighter load-body, PARTNER offers increased allowable net pay-load to its customers in applications like parcel goods, durables, perishables and FMCG products among others.

2014-auto-expo-ashok-leyland-mitrAshok Leyland MiTR

MiTR is a 26+1+1 seater school bus, ergonomically designed to offer superior comfort and utility to passengers and drivers. MiTR has a parabolic suspension in the front and the rear – an industry-first – and offers class-leading comfort. The MiTR school bus comes with special features such as low step-in height, hat rack and storage space below seats and a guarded driver saloon. For enhanced safety, MiTR has two emergency exit doors, brake boosters and Load Conscious Regulating Valve (LCRV). MiTR adheres to school bus body code guidelines of all state governments. Both Mitr and Partner are powered by Nissan ZD 30, 118 HP Common Rail engine, giving 5 to 8% better fuel efficiency than competition ”


Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles (M&HCV):

2014-auto-expo-ashok-leyland-bossAshok Leyland BOSS

In the Intermediate Commercial Vehicle (ICV) segment, BOSS offers features and comforts that are setting benchmarks in the commercial vehicle industry. The refrigerated variant or reefer on display comes with a factory-fitted refrigerated unit and an insulated container to suit various applications and is a perfect choice for the transportation of ice-cream, dairy products, frozen food, pharma products, fruits and vegetables among others.

An ergonomically designed dashboard with intelligently placed controls and multi-angle adjustable seats, a steering column comes with tilt-able and telescopic movements and a 2-point suspended cabin offers best-n-class comfort and convenience. The LX version of BOSS comes with an Automated Manual Transmission – that eliminates the need for clutch operation and gear-shifting. Equipped with a powerful 130 HP common rail engine, the LX comes with factory-fitted air-conditioning.

2014-auto-expo-ashok-leyland-captainAshok Leyland Captain

CAPTAIN 2523 Tipper is the first vehicle from the CAPTAIN series that will include tippers, tractors and haulage vehicles and offer a full spectrum of heavy vehicles from 16 to 49 Tons. It features an indigenously designed, factory-made cab based on the best principles of ergonomics and international styling to deliver superior comfort, a longer life and optimal performance. Specifically designed to meet high-productivity norms in mines, CAPTAIN 2523 Tipper is powered by the high-torque and fuel-efficient H-series CRS engine and a 9-speed gearbox, while the driveline coupled with hub-reduction technology in the rear axle adds extra traction to the wheels helping the vehicle climb steep gradients. With a heavy-duty bogie suspension, solid aggregates, best-in-class technology, international styling and superior comfort, the 2523 Tipper offers the best ROI (return-on-investment) for customers. Vehicles have undergone over 2 million kms of on-road equivalent trials and reliability testing and have recorded consistent availability during customer trials in mining. The CAPTAIN 2523 Tipper also has a state-of-the-art electrical and electronic architecture with self-diagnostic capability for greater reliability and safety.


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