2013 Geneva Motor Show – Toyota i-Road Electric Urban Minicar showcased

2013 Toyota i-Road Concept - FrontView

The Geneva Motor Show 2013 played host to a lot of new car launches and the companies ensured that they showcased some of their concepts as well. Toyota took this opportunity to showcase their i-Road concept which is a three wheeler electric vehicle and is designed to seat two people. It has a width of 850 mm and is meant for ease of city driving.

Tota claims that the concept vehicle will offer a ‘car-like environment’ and it will have a weatherproof cover and body. You can drive it around without a crash helmet when you can buy one. Its length is 2350 mm while the height is 1445 mm. The wheelbase stands at 1700 mm and it does not take up too much of parking space as well as 4 i-Roads can be parked in a single car’s parking bay.

The has an all electric heart which has zero-emissions and has a lithium-ion battery which powers the 2 kW motors that have been mounted on the front wheels. On a single charge, the concept vehicle is being touted to go 30 miles or 48 kilometres and will charge off your household power supply. It will take around 3 hours to be charged fully.

The i-Road gets a lean actuator and gearing is mounted on the front suspension which is linked to a yoke on the front tyres which help you maintain the balance on corners. There is no word yet on the pricing and availability of the car. Toyota has been doing its bit for the environment and the i-Road concept is another step in that direction. Stay tuned for further news from the Geneva Motor Show 2013.


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2013 Toyota i-Road Concept - InteriorView

2013 Toyota i-Road Concept - FrontSideView

2013 Toyota i-Road Concept - RearSideView

2013 Toyota i-Road Concept - RearView