2011 Mahinda Bolero Special Edition MUV Launched



All the manufacturers seem to have been gripped by ‘Special Edition’ fever. Now Mahindra & Mahindra has launched a Special Edition Bolero with some rather interesting features (and some usual ‘special edition’ features too). The Bolero actually outsells the Scorpio 2 to 1 every single month and that speaks volumes about the ruggedness of this Mahindra product, which enjoys huge brand recall in semi urban, rural India and also amongst the various government departments and law enforcement agencies of the country.

Here are a few figures. The March 2011 Sales figures for the Mahindra Bolero are 8237 units while the Scorpio has sold 4144 units. Now, Mahindra seems to be getting into a Limited Edition habit of sorts. Just like they did weeks ago by launching the Mahindra Xylo Celebration Edition, here is another limited edition, this time for the Mahindra Bolero MUV, just like it did 3 years ago. The 2011 Special Edition Bolero unfortunately does not feature any changes on the actual mechanicals front.

First let’s get done with the usual ones. As expected, this ‘Special Edition’ Bolero comes with leather seats, body graphics and new dashboard finish, which looks up-market, though tackily so. New graphics adorn the Bolero Special Edition while the front grille and bumper air dams get a mesh finish, which while looking stylish does nothing more than that. The rear spare tyre cover gets Bolero emblazoned on it prominently and Mahindra offers what is called Bolero Tele Assist System (BTAS).

Now for the interesting ones –

This particular Bolero will be equipped with Super Intelligent Bolero Tele Alert System (BTAS) that warns the owner of theft attempts on his cell phone. You can also lock or unlock the car using an SMS if you are far away from the car. This is one feature that Bolero owners will find particularly useful as, of late, plenty of Boleros find themselves stolen as this is one car that remains very popular amongst the goons and shady elements in rural India. So, that’s a nice addition there.

Only 1,000 such Boleros will be made. So if you want one, be prepared to shell out Rs. 80,000 more than the normal version. And yes, you also get a 3 year warranty for that money. It also comes with a CD MP3 player so that you can play your favorite songs all the time.

That is the bare minimum a Mahindra Bolero customer, who has to shell out almost INR 80 thousand extra for the top of the line, Limited Edition Bolero, would expect. For a MUV, that looks decidedly up-market and costs almost INR 7.5 Lakhs, Ex-Showroom Delhi, the lack of the CRDe engine simply represents a lack of value. Buy the Bolero Special Edition only if you have a bunch of spare money lying around. Meanwhile, here is the 2011 Bolero Special Edition Brochure.