15 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons end their 16,800 km journey in India


On the 24th of September this year, 30 participants started a journey towards the roof of the world, the Himalayas. 15 Mercedes Benz G500 off-roaders started a road journey from Berlin, Germany to India. These cars travelled more than 16,800 kilometres to reach their destination in India.

These 15 G500’s have seen it all, roads, off-roads, mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers, forests, and they have survived in style. From Berlin, Germany they headed towards Moscow, Russia. According to the team, there was a lot of mud and rain while covering this terrain.

On the 13th day of their journey, the team reached Astana, capital city of Kazakhstan. The team spent a day here as they needed to rest their bodies. In Kazakhstan there were hardly any roads, in fact the country is a big endless desert, which made it even more exciting for our modern-day explorers. They even spent a night at Lake Balkhash, sleeping in specially made roof-tents of their G500’s.

By the 17th day, these 15 Mercedes G500’s had covered more than 6,000 kilometres and were near the Chinese border. On the 25th day of their journey, the team reached place of the gods, Lhasa, Tibet. Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world at an altitude of 11,500 ft. These cars have now covered more than 10,500 kms since they started from Berlin.

From here, they will head towards base camp of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest in Nepal. At the base camp of Mount Everest, which is at an altitude of 17,390 feet, the team was able to see the peak of the world and some breathtaking panoramic views.


On the 33rd day, the team reached Kathmandu, Nepal. From here, they will travel towards India, which is also the last leg of the journey. On the 38th day, the 15 G500 Wagen’s entered India and were spotted near Siliguri, West Bengal. The road trip ended earlier yesterday when the team arrived in Kolkata.

“The G-Wagon is the pinnacle in automobile engineering when it comes to SUV’s. Riding across landscapes and hostile terrains, this drive has only reinforced the G-Wagon’s supremacy as a vehicle that offers the best capabilities in the highest terrains of the world,” Martin Breuninger, MD, Mercedes-Benz Off-road, said.

Earlier last month, Mercedes Benz India had organized a Drive Expedition for Indian auto journalists in Leh, Ladakh. Click here to read more about Mercedes Fascination – Leh, Ladakh – 2011.


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