SHOCKING: 12-year old boy steals a bus and drives inside the city

The video of 12-year-old Chinese kid driving the massive city bus through the streets of Guangzhou in China has gone viral. He managed to steer the bus safely over distance of 10 KMS for 30-Minutes, which is an amazing feat. The video was captured and uploaded by a pedestrian who had seen this take place.

Despite the matter reaching the police, the boy was in no mood to stop and had already cover 10 kilometres before he finally stopped. This incident created some commotion in the streets of Guangzhou before the matter finally settled. Police took the boy to the police station, after sometime the boy’s parents were also called.

This incident occurred when the boy had spotted a city bus in a Terminus without its driver. The boy decided to steer it around the city and drove it for 10 kms without any trouble. In the video, you can see the front doors of the bus slammed in, which proves that the boy had managed to sneak into the bus.

Due to his age, the boy was reportedly not charged with any punishment but he has been a trouble maker involved in stealing wallets and mobile phones in the past. Another unconfirmed report says that he was seen walking into the police station with a cigarette in his hand. This speaks about the cool nature of the boy, who dared to drive a bus.

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