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VW’s Audi in talks to buy bike maker Ducati

Ducati & Mercedes-Benz AMG

Word on the street is that Audi is talks with Ducati for its lightweight engine know-how and its racetrack achievements and the distinctive sound and styling of its bikes. Sources familiar with the plans say that Audi is in talks with a private equity group that controls Ducati.

If the deal goes through, Audi would have got a big boost in its long-standing rivalry with BMW bikes.

Audi, which is investing heavily into the research and development of lightweight engines in a move to improve fuel-efficiency of its models, the purchase of Ducati’s technology could add a new development field.

A decision on Audi’s acquisition of Ducati could come by mid-April.

Ducati is currently in a brand partnership with Mercedes-Benz AMG.


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