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Lamborghini Aventador gets gold plated for Qatar National day 2015

Middle East has always been known for the fondness it has for the high end cars and the owners there try to make it a point that what they have is unique. Pride lies in the exclusivity and it increases manifold when a supercar which already is pretty difficult to spot gets a treatment which makes it exquisite and exclusive.

gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-qatar-national-day-Lamborghini Aventador is custom gold plated by Dubai-based Maatouk Design London.

And when people are looking for ways to fulfil their desire of being a cut above the rest, there are people who want to help them do so too. The Dubai-based Maatouk Design London is one such group which customises vehicles as per the whims and fancies of their customers. The design house has created a unique Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. What is unique about it is that the supercar comes loaded with a lot of gold (as if there wasn’t enough of it already in the Middle East).

The one-off Lamborghini Aventador makes it right to the top of the list of exotic cars with its gold plating. The man behind the thought for this gold-plated Aventador was a Qatari Businessman named Mr. Jaber Bin Abdallah Al Hmaidi who wanted the treatment for showcasing at Qatar National Day 2015 festival.

gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-interiorThis gold-plated Aventador is owned by Qatari Businessman Mr. Jaber Bin Abdallah Al Hmaidi.

Talking about Maatouk Design London, it claims to be a specialised firm in the field of designing and executing deluxe souvenir antiques and shields for the ultra-elite people of the world which include the VIPs, kings, prime ministers and presidents. The company doesn’t have much of a track record when it comes to the automobile arena but from what we are seeing, it might get a slew of orders in future to customise a lot more cars and bikes for the ultra-elite.

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gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-001     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-002     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-003

gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-004     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-005     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-006

gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-007     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-008     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-009

gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-010     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-011     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-012

gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-013     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-014     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-015

gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-016     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-017     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-018

gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-019     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-020     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-021

gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-022     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-023     gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-maatouk-design-london-qatar-national-day-2015-024


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