Yamaha India’s R15 or R125, Mystery solved!


Me either in online or offline the frequently asked question by my readers and friends, Which is the Yamaha’s next launch in India is it a upgraded R15 or a new R125?, well me to confused and approached dealer several times no information revealed they said.

Now our friends at Motorbeam have cleared the doubt, they speaking to the dealer to take out information on when the new R15 could debut and they say that both the R15 and R125 will make their way to India by the end of this year.

Many bike enthusiasts speculated Yamaha would launch an upgrade to the R15 at the 2010 Auto Expo. However, only a limited edition Yamaha R15 was unveiled at the biennial event. This all started in Dec 2010, when first Mr. Vaibhav Saigal, caught the glimpse of mysterious Yamaha machine doing the rounds, we had no clue whether it is the R15 or the R18 or even the R125, as wild rumours have been circulating all over the inter-web about the new R-series machine from Yamaha India. The bike looked like the R125 this led to the confusion for many. But now more spy pictures confirmed it will be the R15 upgrade everyone was waiting for.


Now, almost certainly we can’t believe the dealers, who themselves look on the internet for news. If the R125 does make it to India, we believe it will be unveiled at the 2012 Auto Expo. But the final action still relies on Yamaha India, who has changed their plans quite so often.For more details click here.

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