World’s smallest car with tiny horsepower goes into production once again


If the Tata Nano or Bajaj RE60 look like roomy models to you, then the good news is that something even smaller is being revived.

Peel is a brand of tiny transportation being brought back by a group of businessmen in the UK, with two models already available for order, which are the P50 and the Trident. Peel P50 was first launched in 1962 by UK based Peel Engineering Company. Back then, not many people were interested in the idea of a small car. A report states that only 50 units of Peel P50 were sold back then.

Power for the models comes from the same 49cc petrol motor that puts out a whole 3.35hp, although two electric versions are available as options, also. One is a brushless motor that puts out 1.6hp and 2.5 lb-ft of torque that can get the little Peel up to 24kph. Both models can run for about 80 kilometers, and have a 45 kilometers range version that packs 4hp and goes 80kph.

Light weight and compact, both P50 and Trident weigh 198 pounds and 130 pounds respectively. Prices will be around $10,772 with initial deposits of $1,546 to book the world’s smallest car. Peel Trident and P50 have added advantages as the both do not cause any parking problems which are what most car owners bemoan. Peel P50 and Peel Trident come with an electronically limited topspeed of 45 kmph, which on buyer’s request can be removed.


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SourcePEEL (via AutoBlog)