Video – Learn how to Wheelie Explained in Detail by Chris Pfeiffer



Ever seen a snake dancing to the tunes of a snake charmer? Yes? No? Then you got to see the BMW F800R literally dancing to Chriss Pfeiffer’s commands. One of the easiest stunts you can do on two wheels, is to pop up the front wheel. While many of you will be adept at propping up the front wheel of your motorcycles and even scooters by revving it up a bit and popping the clutch, carrying a wheelie is a task in itself. I was always looking for a detailed How to Wheelie guide. Though this video is short, it is more valuable than any comprehensive guide because it comes from the stunt God himself – Chris Pfeiffer.

Video of Chris Pffeiffer doing a Wheelie on a BMW F800

Disclaimer – is not responsible if you fall during your wheelie. If you do, go and scold BMW and Chris.