Top 10 things you need to know about the 2012 TVS Apache RTR 160/180

2012 TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS

This month on our Top 10 things you need to know about the bike is ‘2012 TVS Apache RTR 160/180’ the latest addition to TVS line-up. Let’s get started.

Top 10 things you need to know about the 2012 TVS Apache RTR 160/180 –

1.  TVS Racing’s dirt and road racing technology has been combined to create a racing bike that is street legal, the result is TVS Apache RTR series. It is still one of the best and affordable performance bikes in India. First in India! TVS Apache RTR is the first Indian made bike to feature a petal disc brake, ABS option and now LED daytime running lights.

2.  The 2012 TVS Apache RTR series is cosmetically upgraded with an all new beast themed styling. The new design, with all lines pulled back, all excesses eliminated and all curves chiseled to perfection, synergizes seamlessly with a high performance powertrain to look dynamic, even when stationary. And it comes with 3 models namely – TVS Apache RTR 160 (Hyper edge), TVS Apache RTR 180 and TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS.

3.  The shades available in 2012 Apache RTR series. The RTR 160 (Hyper edge) comes in four dual tone colours – green, red, grey and yellow with black being the base.  The RTR 180 is available in four colours as well – yellow, white, black and grey. The ABS variant of the RTR 180 is available only in white and black.

4.  Power for the 2012 TVS Apache RTR series will come from two engine choices. The lineup includes a 159.7cc generating maximum power of 15.2 bhp with maximum torque of 13.1 nm. Next up is the 177.4cc generating maximum power of 17.03 bhp with maximum torque of 15.5 nm, the top-of-the-line ABS model is powered by the same engine.

5.  RTR? The letters mean Racing Throttle Response. What does it mean?  Every time you gun that throttle that is meant to live up to its name – Racing Throttle Response (RTR).

6.  The instrument cluster of 2012 New TVS Apache RTR series remains untouched and is a same digital plus analogue combination, the only change is that it features carbon-fiber finish around the instrument console. The digital screen features speedometer, odometer, 2 trip meters, high speed recorder, 0-60 timer, digital fuel meter and digital clock. The instrument console also includes fuel warning indicator lamp, service reminder indicator lamp and battery charge indicator lamp.

7.  Sounds cool! TVS Apache RTR series has the best stock exhaust in the market. Trust us the oversquare screamer engine loves to be revved and will bring a smile on your face. Even RTR 160 owners envy the exhaust sound of the 180. The exhaust has been sound engineered magnificently.

8.  Top speed of TVS Apache RTR 160 can be pushed up to 118 kmph easily, while the RTR 180 can reach top speed of 124 kmph.

9.  Fuel-economy? Nothing official from the ARAI but we say RTR 160 models will be able to hit a fuel economy of 42kmpl in city and 52kmpl in highway, while RTR 180 will hit a fuel economy of 39kmpl in city and 47 kmpl in highway.

10.  Prices start at Rs 76,100** for the TVS Apache RTR 160. If you go for the RTR 180, the price will jump to Rs 81,400**. The top-of-the-range 180 with ABS option will start at Rs. 93, 100** and will also include Rear Wheel Lift-off Protection (RLP) system. At present, 2012 TVS Apache series remains an affordable track tool at a price. (** The prices mentioned are on-road New Delhi)


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