Tata Nano cash discount upto Rs. 20,000/-


On this occasion of new launches and discounts, Tata Nano too is offering a price discount of Rs. 20,000 on Nano LX and Nano CX while it offers Rs. 15,000 discount on the Nano standard. The Tata Nano has been doing decent numbers but still not performing to the level which Tata Motors’ expects from the world’s cheapest car. I think the discount is placed for a short while so that the company recovers the lost sales pace and it might remove the discount soon.

Tata Nano Variant Price Change is as Follows-

Tata Nano Standard

  • Previous Price : Rs. 1.74 lakh
  • Price After Discount : Rs. 1.59 lakh (Rs. 15,000 off)

Tata Nano CX

  • Previous Price : Rs. 2.06 lakh
  • Price After Discount : Rs. 1.86 lakh (Rs. 20,000 off)

Tata Nano LX

  • Previous Price : Rs. 2.36 lakh
  • Price After Discount : Rs. 2.16 lakh (Rs. 20,000 off)

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