Tata Motors commenced operations in Indonesia

Tata Motors commenced operations in Indonesia

Tata Motors has announced its entry into Indonesian auto markets with the opening of a Jakarta based subsidiary PT Tata Motors Indonesia. Based on research and studies, Indonesia is a big play ground for the Tata Motors brand, which has at its disposal a wide range of products. Heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles as also passenger vehicles make up this variety of vehicles offered by Tata.

Its wholly owned subsidiary, PT Tata Motors Indonesia will be operating in both the commercial as also the passenger car segments. The company will begin to launch its products in Indonesia in 2013. At the time of launching their vehicles in the market, Tata Motors will set up over 10-15 dealers to cater to sales of units, customer needs, servicing and sale of spares.

After a span of three years, the company hopes to have at least 60 dealerships, and about 100 workshops and 300 spare parts retailers. In order to help cater to the needs of the ASEAN region, the company is mulling the setup of a manufacturing plant in this region. At the 20th international Indonesia motor Show, 14 vehicles from Tata Motors which have been shortlisted for the Indonesian market will be put on display.

Commenting on the company’s Indonesia entry, Karl Slym, the managing director of Tata Motors said –

“We are happy and honoured to be in Indonesia. As elsewhere in the world and as is the Tata practice, we will function in Indonesia as an Indonesian company, responsive to and inspired by the needs and aspirations of the Indonesian customer and contributing to the communities among which we operate. We will establish deeply rooted local operations and will grow in tandem with the prosperity of the country and its people.”



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