Tata Hexa first reported accident in India, occupants safe

Just weeks after the launch, while some dealerships are yet to receive the Tata Hexa demo cars, an pictures of the Tata crossover involved in an unfortunate massive accident has surfaced on Facebook.


The crashed vehicle belonged to TAFE showroom in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

We can now confirm that the crash has occurred due to a driver error. The dealer owned car was in a perfectly fine condition. In spite of such a massive crash, the occupants have not suffered any major injury, including the driver and walked-out unscratched. The Hexa’s safety features and its robust structure played a huge role in saving lives of the occupants.

The Hexa involved in crash was a top-end XTA (automatic) variant that comes equipped with six airbags. The front impact made the dual front airbags open, which saved the occupants from front injuries while the side airbags did not deploy, because of the position of the first impact. The vehicle received the first impact from the front. Hence, the front airbags deployed.


The positive side from the crash proves the strong build quality of the Hexa.

From what we can see, the Hexa’s front right portion suffered extensive damage considerably with the front left tyre broken and rear right side receiving destruction. Further headlamps, left front fender and front bumper have been damaged. The components in the engine bay also appear to have taken the impact. The positive side from the crash proves the strong build quality of the Hexa.

The crashed vehicle belonged to TAFE showroom in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It was been driven at high speeds excess of 100 KMPH and the prospective customer lost control of the vehicle while negotiating a turn. While an eyewitness says that the driver must have got confused with the brake and accelerator pedal and might have stepped on the accelerator pedal instead of brake which caused the vehicle to go out of control and crashed into a road-side shop.


The demo Hexa XTA got out-of-control and crashed into a road-side shop.

Whatever is the reason of the accident! A good learning from here is that all occupants were wearing seat belts inside the car while travelling which prevented them from being tossed around in the vehicle when it got out of control. Even if the car does not feature any airbags, the safety of the passengers is increased by multiple times just by using the seatbelts. Even the airbags fail to work if the occupants are not wearing seatbelts.

Kudos to Tata Motors for developing a great product without compromising on the safety aspects!

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  • Venkatesh

    Guys learn to give a car to some sane driver who can distinguish between accelerator pedal and brake! 100kph with such a moron at the wheel, you guys are at fault and not the driver!