Talking Vehicles by Ford

Ford has certainly been publish about its recent pursuit of implementing new, safer technologies in its vehicles, and the trend continues. The company will be the first to build prototypes for demonstrations across of the US of ‘intelligent vehicles’, or vehicle-to vehicle communications.

Ford Intelligent Vehicles

“Ford believes intelligent vehicles that talk to each other through advanced Wi-Fi are the next frontier of collision avoidance innovations that could revolutionize the driving experience and hold the potential of helping reduce many crashes,” said Sue Cischke, group vice president, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering.

An October report from the NHTSA estimates the technology could be of benefit in as many as 4,336,000 light-vehicle crashes each year. The demo vehicles will hit the road in the spring, making stops at major technology hubs around the country.

The technology employs the use of wireless communications on a channel secured by the FCC to detect and warn drivers of potentially dangerous roadway scenarios.

Ford is partnering with a number of other automakers, the federal government, and local and county road commissions to create a common language so that all vehicles can come to communicate using one standard.

“Ford has laid the groundwork to give vehicles a voice with SYNC and Wi-Fi technology,” said Jim Vondale, director, Ford Automotive Safety Office. “Now we’re working with other automakers and government leaders worldwide to develop common standards globally to bring intelligent vehicles to market quicker and more affordably.”