SX4 Diesel by the End of this Month


Maruti Suzuki will launch the SX4 Diesel by the end of February. The Maruti SX4 Diesel features the same 1.3 liter Multijet motor found in the Fiat Linea and the Tata Indigo Manza. The SX4 Diesel when viewed from far won’t give you any hint about its diesel nature (except the diesel noise). Everything on the SX4 Diesel is similar to the petrol SX4 except the DDIS and ZDI badges.

The Multijet engine has been neatly packed under the hood of the SX4 Diesel. It is roughly 70kgs lighter than the Linea Diesel which makes the car slightly quicker to respond. In the same tune of 90bhp, the SX4 has good low end torque and responds to the input of the accelerator once the turbo spools up completely at around 1900Rpm. Power delivery is linear and you won’t feel a significant kick like you do in the Swift Diesel. Turbo lag is present at lower RPMs but once you work in the turbo band, the SX4 diesel is quick. The car feels quite peppy considering a 1248cc engine is lugging this beast. Maruti Suzuki has hit the right mark with a good balance between power and economy.