Hello Gixxer Faired Version, are you called the Gixxer SLK or Gixxer GXF?

We already know a fair bit of the soon to be launched fully-faired Gixxer – we have spyshots, now all we need to know is the name, although it’s not official yesterday folks at GaadiWaadi reported that the upcoming fully-faired version of the Suzuki Gixxer motorcycle will be called ‘Gixxer SLK’.

suzuki-gixxer-gxf-155-spy-pictureThe fully-faired Gixxer is a same commuter motorcycle with sporty fairing upfront.

Today this image has been circulating online, and it shows the side profile which reads ‘GXF’ above the big Suzuki imprinted in its body. So Gixxer SLK, is your real name ‘Gixxer GXF’?

We’ll need an official explanation to confirm, but Suzuki Motorcycle doesn’t have a motorcycle with the ‘GXF’ moniker in its worldwide range, instead GSX Series which is the range of sport touring motorcycles.

We figure that it’s not a name that will roll-off Indian tongues easily, and there’s bound to be many different ‘versions’ of it, but I’m sure Suzuki has its own logic. See you soon, SLK or GXF whatever!

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GALLERY: Suzuki Gixxer SLK/Gixxer GXF

suzuki-gixxer-gxf-155-spy-picture     suzuki-gixxer-gxf-155-rear     suzuki-gixxer-gxf-155-front

suzuki-gixxer-gxf-155-tailkit     suzuki-gixxer-gxf-155-side-fairings     suzuki-gixxer-slk-front-spy-picture

suzuki-gixxer-gxf-155-front-view     suzuki-gixxer-gxf-155-rear-view     suzuki-gixxer-gxf-155-rear-end