Spied – Mahindra Mini-Xylo, yet again!

Mahindra Mini-Xylo

Mahindra had launched its Xylo wayback in January 2009 and now the company plans to launch a Mini-Xylo. The Mini-Xylo will be less than four metres in length and will have a diesel engine. This could be a 1.5-litre diesel engine and as the Mini-Xylo is less than four metres, it will avail the 12 percent duty cut as well.

The mini Xylo uses a shortened version of the present Xylo’s body-on-frame chassis and the current 2.5 CRDe engine has been downsized as well. The engine capacity has been reduced from 2.5-litres to under 1.5-litres by eliminating one cylinder and reducing the bore and stroke.

Mahindra is currently testing the Mini-Xylo and it can be expected to be launched by early 2012. We can expect a price tag of Rs 4-5 lakhs. The mini Xylo will only have two rows of seats and hence a maximum seating capacity for five passengers.

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