Spied – 2012 Honda CR-V


AutoBlog.com has published spy pic of the 2012 Honda CR-V that has a ‘blown up’ at the rear. The next-gen Honda CR-V SUV might get the a 3rd row Seating. This either indicates a 3rd row seating or a massive boot space.

2012 Honda CR-V will get a powerful and fuel efficient engines including a 2.4-litre i-VTEC four cylinder engine. The company will offer both manual and automatic variants. 2012 Honda CR-V tail-lights have shapes similar to the Volvo SUV’s. A coupe like sloping roof indicates softer styling cues. The company has covered the front part and there is a sign of facelift at the front end at the grille and the headlamps.

2012 Honda CR-V if at all gets the 3-row we assume the leg room might not be that great as seen in the above picture. However, looking at the recent eye-opening announcement from Honda India to focus of diesel engines, we really do hope that mighty SUV comes to India with a diesel heart.

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Source – Autoblog